Digital Storytelling with Storyboards

It's only fair to share…PinterestFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailPrintStoryboards are essential in putting together an instructional or creative multimedia work.  A storyboard is a visual draft, step by step, of a digital project.  A storyboard for digital storytelling has sections for narratives, feedback, technical directions, references, and notes for the digitial production team. Storyboards for elearning or etraining allows […]

Supporting Our Young and the Leaders Who Want to Keep Them Safe

It's only fair to share…PinterestFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailPrint 23,000 Atlanta students walk out- By Vanessa McCray – The Atlanta Journal-Constitution   It's only fair to share…PinterestFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailPrint

Annie Awards

Contests for Access for Culturally Diverse Screenwriters

It's only fair to share…PinterestFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailPrintThere are many distribution platforms for screenwriters’ creative works but there’s also a lot of competition.  My research determined that  many entertainment networks are seeking culturally and ethnically diverse new writers.  If you don’t know anyone that can do you a solid in the industry and introduce you, then stand out […]

High Concept Writers Cover

New Web Site: High Concept Writers

It's only fair to share…PinterestFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailPrintInstructional Writers’ (IW) releases its sister site:  High Concept (HW)  today, March 14, 2018 in response to inquires and needs of the Atlanta’s entertainment market. Atlanta is a a major player in the entertaibment industry. High Concept Writers’ exists because all blockbusters start with a blockbuster script. High Concept Writers consists of a […]

Job Sign

How to Compile an Instructional Designer’s ePortfolio

It's only fair to share…PinterestFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailPrintIf you don’t have an e-portfolio, put that on your bucket list for 2018. An e-portfolio is an online presence (blog or website) that displays samples of  your work.  I am generally surprised that most instructional designers do not have online portfolios. However, I have never met a very good instructional […]

Business card indexing

Best FREE Smartphone Business Card Scanners

It's only fair to share…PinterestFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailPrintOne thing everyone needs to do in 2018 is to improve or at least review their information retrieval system.  Let’s start with something simple.   Let’s start with your smartphone. The smartphone can be used to organize and keep up with networking contacts and simple documents that you collect on the […]

Blacks in Technology Policy Conference

How to Prepare to Network and Connect at Events, Seminars, Tradeshows and Conferences

It's only fair to share…PinterestFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailPrintOne advantage to living in the Metro Atlanta area is getting to attend any type of tradeshow, seminar or conference that interests you. Atlanta is rated a world city that excerts a moderate impact upon global commerce, finance, research, technology, education, media, art, and entertainment. It ranks 38th among world cities and […]

Creative Ideas

13 Best Creative Ways to Get Blog Post Ideas – Authority Hacker

It's only fair to share…PinterestFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailPrintThe folks over at Authority Hacker have come up with some unique creative ideas on how to come up with great blog post ideas for your blog.  13 Best Creative Ways to Get Blog Post Ideas – Authority Hacker   (link) #1: Use Amazon book listings to map out the core topics […]

Free gift

15 Top Free Photo Sites: Commerical and Personal Use

It's only fair to share…PinterestFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailPrintUpdated Jan. 2018 Finding the right picture for your project can be time consuming and costly. The best source of photos are the ones you take yourself but sometimes that is not possible to do. I am sharing my collection of FREE “royalty free image sites” that took many many hours […]


Review: Articulate Storyline 3 or Storyline 360?

It's only fair to share…PinterestFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailPrintAs an elearning and etraining developer, I like to keep up with the latest version of business, graphic, and elearning softwares. I decided that  it was time to upgrade from Articulate 2 and was attracted to all the new features that Articulate was offering in their new products. Before buying, I […]