Digital Storytelling with Storyboards

Storyboards are essential in putting together an instructional or creative multimedia work.  A storyboard is a visual draft, step by step, of a digital project.  A storyboard for digital storytelling has sections for narratives, feedback, technical directions, references, and notes for the digitial production team. Storyboards for elearning or etraining allows the designer, Subject Matter […]

High Concept Writers Cover

New Web Site: High Concept Writers

Instructional Writers’ (IW) releases its sister site:  High Concept (HW)  today, March 14, 2018 in response to inquires and needs of the Atlanta’s entertainment market. Atlanta is a a major player in the entertaibment industry. High Concept Writers’ exists because all blockbusters start with a blockbuster script. High Concept Writers consists of a few professional writers that […]

Blacks in Technology Policy Conference

How to Prepare to Network and Connect at Events, Seminars, Tradeshows and Conferences

One advantage to living in the Metro Atlanta area is getting to attend any type of tradeshow, seminar or conference that interests you. Atlanta is rated a world city that excerts a moderate impact upon global commerce, finance, research, technology, education, media, art, and entertainment. It ranks 38th among world cities and 10th in the nation […]