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Best FREE Smartphone Business Card Scanners

One thing everyone needs to do in 2018 is to improve or at least review their information retrieval system.  Let’s start with something simple.   Let’s start with your smartphone. The smartphone can be used to organize and keep up with networking contacts and simple documents that you collect on the go. Business cards, receipts, jotted down phone numbers, and addresses can easily be incorporated into the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) system.  Scan or take a photo of business cards, receipts, and quick notes  as you receive them into your smartphone app. It’s handled.

After testing apps, I discovered there are seven things to consider in selecting your smartphone’s business card app.

1.  Decide if you need more than a business card reader (photo) or business card scanner with OCR (makes text editable) or both: photo and OCR scanner.

2. Do you need the app to intergrate into other systems? Example, Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce, or a CRM system such s Sugar CRM?

3.  How many cards, receipts and documents will you need to scan a month?

4.  How much are you willing to pay? The free versions are good but if you need to upgrade later, are you willing to pay the upgrade price?   It will be a good idea to look at those upgrade prices now to compare for selection.

5. What language will you need your information to be translated in?  Many of these apps will translate business cards into digital cards and then translate them into other languages giving you anywhere from 5 to 25 languages to choose from..

6.  This one  is important. Will you be able to search by text for the business cards to retrieve them?  Will social media interaction (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, etc…) be important?

7.  When was the last date that the app was updated by the developer? You really want an update within the last 30 to 60 days. A recent date lets you know that the developer records the app as an active product. Therefore, he will keep up with smartphones’ updates so your product will keep working.

In addition,  I listed  resources that include some really great comparision sites compiled by creditable companies covering other options. Please read the websites of the business card readers and scanners because updates are issued by developers.

  1.  CamCardLite – Available in Google Play Store.  Transports to Excel, Micorsoft Outlook, Crm, Google Contact and Salesforce– 30 days free
  2. Wantedly People – FREE FOREVER.  Transform cards into digital contacts–search cards by name. Editors Pick
  3. Haystack – FREE starter kit. Available in Google Play and Itunes. Create your own business card and share with others on IOS and Android.
  4. Business Card Reader/Business Card Scanner- Save contacts in the BCR’s own storage. Convenient search, sorting and grouping capabilities. Share contact’s data, email or SMS. Exports to Microsoft Outlook and Salesforce.  Free trail for 10 business cards.
  5. Business Card Holder – FREE : Voice and text search feature, support for double sided business cards  and storage. More features cost extra –Google Play
  6. Clinck  –  Free-Allows you to create an ebusiness card to send to other’s mobile phone or email .  Makes it easy to follow up on the go.  Never get caught without an updated business card again with this app.


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