Checklist Publishing

DIY: Checklist for e-Book and Print Book Submissions – Guidelines for All Publishers

This “DIY Publishing” checklist is this author’s recommendation on creating your e-book or book files for your online distributer  before you write the book .  This checklist will make the self-publishing process go a lot smoother because you won’t have to wait a day or two to correct each file submission that returned with errors from the publisher’s “acceptance […]


Evaluations for Product Development and Funding

There are numerous evaluations used to evaluate instructions and products. However, there are two main types of evaluations accepted in all industries: summative and formative. A summative evaluation informs decisions.  In other words, it determines if the project, instructions or product is a go or not. A formative evaluation informs revisions. In other words, it determines what needs to be corrected or added in order […]