Digital Storytelling with Storyboards

Storyboards are essential in putting together an instructional or creative multimedia work.  A storyboard is a visual draft, step by step, of a digital project.  A storyboard for digital storytelling has sections for narratives, feedback, technical directions, references, and notes for the digitial production team. Storyboards for elearning or etraining allows the designer, Subject Matter […]

High Concept Writers Cover

New Web Site: High Concept Writers

Instructional Writers’ (IW) releases its sister site:  High Concept (HW)  today, March 14, 2018 in response to inquires and needs of the Atlanta’s entertainment market. Atlanta is a a major player in the entertaibment industry. High Concept Writers’ exists because all blockbusters start with a blockbuster script. High Concept Writers consists of a few professional writers that […]


Evaluations for Product Development and Funding

There are numerous evaluations used to evaluate instructions and products. However, there are two main types of evaluations accepted in all industries: summative and formative. A summative evaluation informs decisions.  In other words, it determines if the project, instructions or product is a go or not. A formative evaluation informs revisions. In other words, it determines what needs to be corrected or added in order […]