Digital Storytelling with Storyboards

Storyboards are essential in putting together an instructional or creative multimedia work.  A storyboard is a visual draft, step by step, of a digital project.  A storyboard for digital storytelling has sections for narratives, feedback, technical directions, references, and notes for the digitial production team.

Storyboards for elearning or etraining allows the designer, Subject Matter Expert  (SME) and stakeholders to evaluate the course contents by reviewing the storyboard. The contents are reviewed for accuracy, currency, appropriateness, clarity, impact, relevancy and feasibility.  The storyboard sensitizes the instructional designer to potential problems before learners become involved.

In film, video, and animation, the storyboard is designed for the production team and stakeholders. It projects any breakdowns in the script, dialogue or flow of the multimedia project.  It also helps communicate changes to the script to all stakeholders.  Later, if  a translation is needed, the storyboard is a visual to help the process along.

Below, I listed a couple of FREE resources to get you started. Enjoy the videos from Disney-Pixer that give storyboard samples, comparing side by side storyboard scenes with the actual completed movie screens. If you need a script to get your soon-to-be award winning project on its way, check out my offerings on my site  I have something for everyone’s budget because a blockbuster starts with a blockbuster script.  Get a short script (animation) for upcoming  contests and festivals or your portfolio.  I have something for everyone’s budget. If you don’t see what you want make a request. No obligations.

Watch below and see the actual storyboards come to life.



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FREE Storyboards
FREE Storyboards

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Studio Binder Article

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