Floyd Norman

Disney’s Animation Legend Floyd Norman is a Keynote Speaker at SIGGARP

It's only fair to share…PinterestFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailPrintDisney’s legend and first African-American artist at 81-years-old continues to create. Norman was hired as the first African-American animator at Walt Disney Studios in 1956 and was later hand-picked by Walt Disney himself to join the story team on “The Jungle Book” (1967).  Floyd animated the original Fat Albert TV special […]

Adobe Presenter 'Saving Gmail As A PDF File

Adobe Presenter 11: Software Evaluation for e-Learning

It's only fair to share…PinterestFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailPrintThis post examines the claim that Adobe Presenter 11 transforms Microsoft PowerPoint into an e-Learning platform for the web.  I wanted to know how simple it was to use the product.  Adobe Presenter is a Plug-in that works with Microsoft PowerPoint to create interactive presentations.  Below are a few screenshots from […]

Boss Baby

Example of How “Motion” is Captured for Animation: Very Funny

It's only fair to share…PinterestFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailPrintCarlos Fernandez Puertolas is a very popular animator.  I follow him and other animators on Facebook. No personal connections.  Boss Baby is a  hilariously universal story about how a new baby’s arrival impacts a family, told from the point of view of a delightfully unreliable narrator, a wildly imaginative 7 year […]

How to Make Money as a Writer

A FREE Business Model for Writers

It's only fair to share…PinterestFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailPrint A Business Model is a viable, feasible, strategic and sustainable plan that explains how your company will make money (revenue) and create value for its customers.  Make your business goals and activities precise and measurable in relation to time and cost so you can calculate (ROI) Return on Investments: SMART […]

Checklist Publishing

DIY: Checklist for e-Book and Print Book Submissions – Guidelines for All Publishers

It's only fair to share…PinterestFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailPrintThis “DIY Publishing” checklist is this author’s recommendation on creating your e-book or book files for your online distributer  before you write the book .  This checklist will make the self-publishing process go a lot smoother because you won’t have to wait a day or two to correct each file submission that returned with errors […]

diabetic quiz

Teaching Complex or Sensitive Information through Assessments

It's only fair to share…PinterestFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailPrintOnline courses are great but sometimes you may have information to teach that can be overwhelming for the learner depending on the subject matter. For example, medical and financial subjects have always been perceived as difficult to learn or understand. However, short assessments are a perfect way to engage the learner by […]


Evaluations for Product Development and Funding

It's only fair to share…PinterestFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailPrintThere are numerous evaluations used to evaluate instructions and products. However, there are two main types of evaluations accepted in all industries: summative and formative. A summative evaluation informs decisions.  In other words, it determines if the project, instructions or product is a go or not. A formative evaluation informs revisions. In other words, it determines what needs to be […]