In addition to the services below, I am available as a consultant (contractor) to  fill in skill gaps on  training , learning, and writing teams. These opportunities create  alliances and partnerships for mutual benefits.  Let’s talk:  404. 919.7024  Call Today!

Develops Learning and Training: Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at    


1.    Develops “needs based” curriculums for effective training and learning:  Instructor led, blended learning, e-learning, and e-training .

2. Designs and conducts formative and summative evaluations that support “best practices” procedures.

3.  Develops and conducts assessments that align human resources with company strategic planning.

4. Technical writing: how to manuals, explainer video scripts, ebooks, storyboards,commercials.




Compliance and Evaluations:  Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at    

1.  Converts existing training and learning materials into multimedia for 24/7 access.

2.  Writes and edit video scripts, graphics, slides, and screencasts.

3.  Designs learning aids, reports, workbooks, storyboards, and whitepapers.

4.  Copywriting (sales).




1.  Conducts formal and keyword research.

2.  Conducts research and interview SME’s (Subject Matter Experts), samples, and participants.

3.  Collects and analyze quantitative and qualitative data for “measured” results.





Research:  Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at